Sunday, January 29, 2006

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is usually not a good thing. Kids drink too much to be cool, will experiment with drugs, smoke cigarettes, drive recklessly, etc. Peer pressure can do that to you - make you do things that maybe you shouldn't do. And guess what? Today, I sucommed to the goading. Today was the day of the Frost Bike 50.

The day started out very foggy, but the temperature was nice and cool. After arriving at Cy-Fair College I called Cassie to see where she was. She was already there and ready to go, of course :) We eventually found each other, met up with some other friends, then waited for the event to start. That was a new experience. We waited in the throng of other bikers and then when the event started we slowly edged our way to the starting line where we were sent off in packs of about 50. The fun began.

Biking in fog can be quite the challenge. Cars are not always visible, and of course we are not that visible to the cars! The roads are slick. And the biggest challenge for me was trying to see because of all the tiny water droplets collecting on my glasses!

After getting out of the college we made our way along Barker-Cypress to the 290 feeder road and then it was backroads until about four miles from the finish. The fog gradually dissipated, the sun made a showing and the miles passed quickly. All of a sudden there was rest break number one at mile 9.5. Cassie and I had a break and met up with Debi and Dustin who were already there. I have been hemming and hawing for weeks now trying to decide whether or not I should do 20 or 45 miles. Well, I finally made my decision - 45 it was. At mile ten, Cassie and I wished each other luck and she went left and I went right with Debi and Dustin.

At around mile 16.5 I got a flat. Bummer. But I had a spare tube and air, and eventually we were back on our way. Then there was rest stop number two around mile 18. Potty break. Back on the road and then low and behold it was mile 20. This is where I would go left and finish up my 45 miles, and Debi and Dustin would go right and take the 55 mile route. This is where the goading got a little more intense. This is where I sucommed to peer pressure. This is where I went RIGHT! Yep, I decided to do the whole route, all 55 miles of it! All due to peer pressure! What a frickin nut!

All was okay. I could do this. Then mile 25 rolled around. Where was rest stop number three (the map said there were going to be 5 of them)? The breeze started getting more intense, the pedaling became harder, and the miles kept slipping away. Where was that damn rest stop? I haven't had any nourishment since mile 9.5 and I am getting rather hungry. I suck down a gel and eat half of a protein bar. Okay, feeling a little better. Finally, up a head I see rest stop number 3 - somewhere past mile 35.

I get off my bike and make it over to the refreshment tent where I eat some oranges and refill my water bottles. Debi wants to know if I have been cussing her out because she pressured me into the extra mileage. And of course I say YES! But in all honesty, I was the one who made the decision. I couldn't blame anyone except myself for my sore ass and aching legs!

Off we went again. The roads became worse (they were in some serious need of repaving), the wind was steady and I fell behind. And then I got flat number two. No tube and no air on me. What is a girl to do? Rely on sweet men to stop and help!! They did, and off I was again. Mile 48 appeared along with the final rest stop. Ate some oranges and quickly climbed back on my bike. The home stretch!! Back on to the feeder, back on to Barker-Cypress. The worst head wind yet!! But I struggled through! I had made it this far, I wasn't giving up now! And then there it was, the turn in to the college and the finish line. I had done it. My longest ride to date - 54.5 miles!!

My butt is still a little sore, and my cheeks are a little burnt. But overall - I feel okay. Just tired! MS150 here I come!


Erin said...

Woo-hoo!! Way to go Jilly Bean!! You're a rock star!! :)

Joe said...

Hehehe... peer pressure.
Stay tuned and I'll tell the story of the Triathlete who got gassed on the Katy Flatland ride.

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

you rocked!! i was tired after only 20 miles. this biking thing is harder than it looks!