Sunday, February 19, 2006

At it again

Yesterday it was Atascocita, today it was out to Chappell Hill. It was still cold (even colder than yesterday), but the wind and rain were not as bad. Thank goodness! I wasn't nearly as cold or wet after this bike ride.

I met up with Dan and Nicole (triathletes) around 9:30 this morning. Dan was thinking that we would probably only do 20 miles instead of the planned 40 because the weather was so bad. Well, we ended up only doing 12, but there were a lot of hills! Dan was encouraging me to stand up more in my hill climbs, and I tried, but could only do it for about half the hill - then I would sit back down. Time to start strength training!! I really need to get more prepared for hills with the MS150 only two months away.

He was also telling me that I need to start riding 10-15 miles everyday with two days off during the week. I should then increase my mileage by 5 miles a week until I am riding 30 miles a day. He said this will really help me when it comes time for Tahoe. I trust his judgement. He has completed several century rides (Tahoe included) and a half-ironman.

I wish the weather had been better for more miles, but I sure was happy to get back in my car with the heater turned up high.

After loading everthing back up we headed back to Houston, had lunch, then I went to a ferret information meeting at a Petco in Katy. I played with the ferrets and mingled with the peeps, then it was home where I could get into some comfy clothes and veg. And that is exactly what I did. I had contemplated going out for a short run, but I decided I was finished being cold for the day. Maybe tomorrow!

Totally forgot the best part of the ride. Where we parked. Right in front of this house with all these ducks, chickens, geese, and guinea hens running around. It was so funny! They were all over the place - on the fence, in the street, in multiple pens etc. And they were street smart, too. There were two mallards (male and female) on the other side of the street wanting to cross. They waddled over to the curb, sat down and waited for all the cars to go by, then they got up and waddled on over to join in all the fun. The whole scenerio cracked me up! Next time I have to bring a camera!


bunnygirl said...

Hey, what kind of pace do you and your friends ride? I would really like to get out to Chappell Hill for some rides but my DH has gotten lazy and I don't have a new group yet.

Jill said...

We all vary in speed. Most of the guys are training for half-irons. Right now there are two girls training for half-irons and they are fast! I think the fast ones are trying to go at least 20, but since I can never keep up I do not know! I try to average 15 mph (but that is in good conditions), but want to increase my speed. I seem to bring up the rear a lot when we ride together, but I don't quit! I will get better!

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

I'm impressed you did 2 cold nasty weather rides back to back. You're more dedicated than I am at the moment :) said...

The bike is one thing that I don't know that I'll ever have the complete appreciation for ... so, therefore, I marvel at that dedication that you have for that discipline.

I know I could go out and probably do well at it, but I don't have that same desire that you have invested in it.

So, as a twist to what HRB's "Man of Action" says, roll on!

david said...

"ducks, chickens, geese, and guinea hens..."