Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Sunday was the pet parade in Galveston. Crazy!! Beazer didn't go (still recovering) so I escorted one of my vet's ferrets - Lester. What a name for a ferret! I kept wanting to call him "Lester the Molester!" We were in the back of the parade with 2 cases of beads. As soon as we got to the area with all the spectators the crowd surged towards us wanting to pet the ferrets. The police eventually came and made the people step back, but by then we could not see the parade folks in front of us! One officer said the rest of the parade was waiting on us. So Nuts! But lots of fun! We went through 2 cases of beads, and could have gone through a couple more. Next year.

There were a couple things that concerned me in regards to the parade. First was all the dogs that showed EXTREME interest in the ferrets. They were probably thinking snack or chew toy! The next was the owners not paying close enough attention to their extremely interested dogs. And finally, there was this little girl riding in her motorized Barbie mobile who did not know how to drive!! She came close to running into me a few times and Lester came close to being road kill.

After the parade I wanted to go to a Sprint store and get a new phone. I forgot to protect my phone on Saturday's ride and it is no longer working correctly - I can hear people, but no one can hear me. Makes for an interesting conversation!! After dinner with friends I went to the closest store, but they had already closed. So yesterday I rode my bike around West U and Rice going to different stores. I did a total of 15 miles on my bike yesterday, that is the good thing. The other good thing is that I now have a new phone, just not a Sprint phone. I became so fed up with how much Sprint appreciates me as a customer I went to the closest Verizon Wireless store and signed up with them!! Sprint used to be affiliated with USAA and the service was so much better then. But that affiliation is no longer in existence, so the service went to hell.

After that fiasco, I needed to burn off some steam so I went swimming. I did 1300 meters (100 free, 100 pulls, 100 kicks, repeat, 500 free, 100 breast, 100 free). I would have done more, but it just wasn't a good night for me. I was tired and my hamstrings were sore. Not sure why. Maybe I hadn't completely recovered from Saturday's ride. But I would have thought so. I will try again in a couple days. Tonight I am going to the track with the TNT running group. I haven't been running in ages and I am feeling guilty! Maybe I will ride my bike and get in a brick. That would be a good idea.

p.s. for those of you who do not know what a brick is - it consists of riding your bike then getting off and going for a run. This is usually the hardest transition for me in a triathlon.

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