Sunday, February 26, 2006

Rain, Rain Go Away

Well, Mother Nature got me again! It rained while I was riding yesterday!!

25 to 30 of us met up around 7:30 down in Pearland for 30 miles, with a choice of doing 50. We headed out a little after 8:00. No wind, no rain, temps in the high 50's, just fog. It was great! I was one of the last people to leave the parking lot and chatted with others as we made our way to Fruborg's Market (sp) at mile 15.

We had an unofficial stop at mile 7 where a lot of us shed clothes (I took off my running tights), and then it was back on the road. Quickly mile 15 appeared - it is wonderful being able to cruise with no wind!! I was feeling great, so I decided to join the group who was going out for 50.

10 of us took off, while the rest of the group turned around and went back to the starting point to finish off their 30. The riding was nice. Still no wind or rain. But it was coming! We felt a few drops at one point, but then it stopped. Sometime after mile 30 it started raining and we got a little wet. We pulled over at a gas station and went inside for some nourishment. Then the rain started to pour. We waited, it lessened, we continued on our way. One of the rider's lived in the area so she went home. Then we got lost (Patrick is not allowed to lead again!!). Then Dave got a flat. Flat taken care of, we found our way back to the road we were supposed to be on, things were looking up.

Then...Dave's tire popped and he said the heck with it. He called Coach Alan to pick him up. Tom stayed with him. The rest of us went on - we had 10 more miles to go.

Then the rain really decided to come down. The wind had made it's appearance prior to this and we were all tired, so the going was a little slow - anywhere from 12 to 15 mph. My shoes filled with water. I tried to avoid the spray coming off the wheels of the biker in front of me. And when we stopped, once, to make sure we hadn't missed the road to turn on, I found one dry spot on my shirt (under my arm) and wiped off my glasses. But we eventually made it!! We were all completely soaked, but talk about happy to see our cars!!

I put my bike away, grabbed dry clothes and headed into the restaurant where a couple of us joined up. I dripped my way to the restroom and tried very hard not to fall on my rear in my cycling shoes! I changed clothes, put everything in some plastic bags that an employee gave me, wiped up my puddles from the floor, then went to the table and had some lunch. All I can say - it was better than last week! Not nearly as cold or windy.

Hmmm....I wonder what next Saturday will be like?!

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