Friday, March 31, 2006

Hills and a sore ass

Tomorrow we start hill training in a little more earnest. 62 miles!! What fun!! I have been dreading this part of the training, but I will persevere. I am going to be so ready for my post cycle margarita after we finish!!

Last year when I started this adventure into triathlons I used my trusty Schwinn mountain bike that was purchased back in 1990. After the Cap Tex Tri I said never again and bought myself a road bike. Then I broke my toe which led to a major funk, so my major cycle training did not begin until the beginning of this year. Up to that point my longest ride on my rode bike was somewhere around 35 miles. But with training for the MS150 and a century ride my miles have increased considerably and so has the pain in my ass!!

Time for a new saddle. What to get?

I searched the web looking for reviews and then went to the bike shop I frequent the most and bought a saddle on Wednesday. Took if for a test ride last night and was not pleased. The thing just seems too bulky to me and was not fitted correctly. This afternoon I rode my bike to a couple other bike shops. The first shop, no one to help me (their loss). The second shop – very nice sales guy who seems very knowledgeable. Plan on going there to get my 2nd new seat. Would very much like to go tonight so I can take it out tomorrow, but will have to see if I have enough time to do both.

Still not sure what I should get though. I would like to eventually get aerobars and start training for more triathlons. So maybe more of a racing seat. But then I do not have the smallest rear-end (it's a work in progress!!). Because of my height (5’7”) and build (medium) I will most likely always be considered an Athena (I would probably have to starve myself not to be one). Maybe this is why the sales clerks keep pushing the bulky gel seats at me and don’t really direct me towards the sleaker seats first!! I guess that is one of the questions I should ask!


Cagey said...

Have you checked the Internet for saddles designed especially for females. Also, check Bicycling Magazine's gear reviews. There may be some info in it that you can use.

Erik Mann said...

great topic, keep up the great posts, MMA