Sunday, March 05, 2006

What is going on?

Friday I said I was going to go swimming. Didn't. Was tired and then I used the excuse that Beazer needed my attention. He still wasn't up to par from his surgery and was needing to be urged to eat. But it is not like he would have suffered if I wasn't there for an hour or two. He would have been sleeping.

Saturday started out okay. Left in time, but then had to come back because I forgot something. That put me behind. Then there was wonderful construction traffic on I-10 which put me further behind. So when I finally did get to the starting point for the training ride everyone was ready to go. And the riders doing 53 miles had already left. I hurried and got ready, and was discouraged since I would only be doing 30 miles. But I had a reprieve - the SAG (support and gear) vehicle for the long route drove me 10 miles to meet up with the other riders. Thanks Debi and Anne!!

Everybody had a short break while I got my bike off the rack and Debi took a great shot of couple of the guys taking a pee break. Too funny! Then it was off we went, but I had to stop for a couple seconds because I forgot to reset my computer. So for the next five or six miles I was pedaling like mad to catch up!! So much for warming up gradually!

Anyway, that set the tone for my whole ride. I was tired, my inner thighs and hamstrings were hurting, and I was cranky!! Good thing I only did 43 miles and not all 53. But then again, if I had started with the group maybe things would have been better. This whole week has sucked training wise for me. I just do not know what is going on. Maybe I am not getting enough sleep (it is 12 a.m. as I write, and I need to be up in 6-1/2 hours!)? Maybe I am not feeding my body the best that I could? I just don't know.

Today I did no training, but I did play with Beazer. He is starting to act like himself. And I actually heard him crunching on some food earlier this evening. For the past week and a half he has been on a liquid diet called "duck soup", and, no, duck is not an ingredient. Maybe tomorrow I will feel more like myself!

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Christine said...

You needed a break! One good run/ride/swim and you will be back on the wagon. =)