Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Yesterday was beautiful!

I wish the weather was always like this. After work I biked home and changed into my running gear and headed to the golf course. I only did 2 miles, but I pushed myself and stuck to my intervals (i.e. I didn’t take any extra long walk breaks!). If the weather cooperates I will do 4 miles tonight. Not sure what I will do if it doesn’t. Will have to think about it. Maybe the gym – yuck!!

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bunnygirl said...

Hey, that must be nice to be able to ride your bike to work. My route choices are downtown or the Pierce elevated, and my office is only accessible from the I-45 feeder. Yeah, I'm gonna bike to work real soon... just as soon as I have a death wish!

You're so lucky!

I'm thinking of doing Tour de Cypress this weekend. Their shortest distance is 53 miles, which might be a bit much for you after doing 60 the day before. But let me know!