Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Burning Buns

Last week I went running a couple times for a few miles, but I didn't do anything too serious. This week I will be better. I am going to start increasing my weekday run times to at least 40 minutes, and this will not include warm-ups or cool downs. This should help considerably on my Saturday runs.

This past Saturday was my longest run to date since breaking my toe last year. And all I did was a measly 6 miles. I met up with TNT at 6 am in the park and after some stretching we took off. And this week we didn't have to run the loop – instead we headed for the "Rose Garden". Nothing that special, but definitely nicer than going round and round!!

Everything seemed okay at first, but then my shins started acting up. I stopped a couple times to stretch them out. It took a little over a mile, but they finally settled down. Hopefully this is not a recurring problem.

I didn't bring my fuel belt with me, but think I will start. I just seem to do better when I have water readily available. When I first started running in Houston I had to have water with me all the time. Now I am not so desperate, but it is helpful. Maybe I should look into one of those hand held doo hickies.

After the run, I hung around with the TNT Tri group and listened while Coach Liz talked about setting up a transition area. I was hoping for some new tips, but I guess I already know it all!! Yeah, right!!

Once the talk was over a couple of us headed over to Biba's for breakfast. Then it was home for a shower and a nap!

My local bike shop is starting up a weekly ride, so Sunday I rode over there. This was my first time riding with them and I had a good time. It wasn't too fast of a group, but then how fast can you go in down town Houston with all the stop signs and stop lights?! A couple times we were able to get up to a sustained speed of 22 mph, but usually we were going 15 to 17 mph. Perfectly fine with me. My total mileage ended up being 37 miles.

The rest of the day was pretty lazy. I am so not used to having these two day weekends! When I was training for Tahoe - virtually every Saturday was filled with riding and driving. This running in the early a.m. and finishing by mid morning is GREAT!!

Monday, I played softball and to get in a little extra exercise I rode my bike to the fields.

This morning I went down to the exercise room in my apartment complex. I used the machines for leg extensions, leg curls, lat pull downs, shoulder presses and used the free weights for my biceps and triceps. And then I decided I should try some lunges and squats. I am so feeling those!! My buns are burning, my quads are sore! I was thinking of doing the stairs at Rice Stadium tonight, but we will have to see! Maybe I will do the loop at Rice and then just do a few of the stairs. I'll let you know.


WalkSports.com said...

Just 3.1 miles for HRB on August 12th in The Woodlands! :)

Hope you are doing well!


Cagey said...

Whew! I'm all worn out just reading about your workout. Good on you!

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

haven't seen you in ages...how are things?