Thursday, June 01, 2006

It has begun

Today marks Day 1 of the 2006 Hurricane Season.

Are you ready?

Are you going to get ready before the first tropical depression makes an appearance?

We were fairly lucky in Houston last year - except for that little traffic jam!!

Others - not so lucky.

Aftermath of Hurricane Rita

Wonder what is in store for us this year?


Vic said...

I don't know but this year, if the big one comes Houston's way, I'm RUNNING to Dallas, not driving.

Tom Jones said...

i oversee this stuff for the US Senate. Not looking like a good year. If the big one hits Houston you're in trouble. I can show you the maps.

Anyway I am off to tahoe tomorrow morning via houston. I'm with the MD team. drop me a line.


Anonymous said...

Houston is due! They have been so lucky in recent years, and most in Houston do not even know what a hurricane is really like. Being through six hurricanes in the last seven years I can tell you it is not fun. The 61mph wind gusts of Rita in Houston last year are nothing in comparison to an 80mph sustained wind and gusts to 110mph. When the "big one" makes it to Houston I fear most will not be prepared. All I know is that is will not be as gentle as most think. Anyone who thinks a category 1 force wind is nothing is crazy. Last year, the top sustained winds in New orleans were only Category 1 strength (the same with Maimi from Wilma) and look at all the damage those storms did.

Houston: prepare for 2006!