Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Shin Splints

I finally bought some new shoes (Miss Tiggs would love them - they are orange and white!!), but I am thinking that they might not work. I pronate which results in posterior (or medial) shin splints. This is why I usually buy stability shoes and wear orthotics. But when I went into the store and told the sales guy my problems he recommended a neutral shoe thinking the orthotics would be enough to correct my pronation. I went for a run in them yesterday for 50 minutes and then went to the track that night for some speed work and stairs. Well, the morning run was okay. I did feel some twinges, though. But that night the twinges became very pronounced and a little painful. I am not sure if it was the sprinting, soft track or the shoes that were causing the problem. It might have been a combination of all three!

I will not do any running tonight, and try again tomorrow morning. If I have any problems the shoes are going back.

If you are wondering what "posterior/medial" shin splints are well...

The majority of people think of shin splints occurring on the front of the leg. This is true, but another type occurs on the inner part of the lower leg just above the ankle bone. And this type of shin splint is frequently caused by over pronation of the foot.

If you are interested here are a couple sites that go into greater detail and even have pictures!!

Shin Splints 1
Shin Splints 2

This past Saturday I did 8+ miles along with some hills thrown in for good measure. I did much better than I did the week before. The temperature wasn't quite as high and I think the humidity was lower. Hopefully this weekend goes just as well!

On Sunday I met up with Debi and Dustin and we carpooled out to Katy for the Katy Flatlands. There we met up with Casey and MaryAnn. I wanted to do 62 miles and tried to convince D&D to go the distance but Dustin was having nothing to do with that, so 43 it was. Of the five of us, Casey was the only one to do 62.

The ride started out good, but wouldn't you know it - at mile 2.3 a couple riders crashed. Nothing too bad, but still it freaks you out a bit.

We took our time getting out of the crowds and eventually found our pace. Casey, MaryAnn and I took off and were staying around 19 to 21 mph. By the time it was time for Casey to turn off to do his extra 20 miles we had picked up an additional 3 people in our pace line. And of those 3, only one took the lead once. Wheel suckers really suck when all they do is suck and do not take the lead. Casey was our strongest rider and he led most of the way. Maybe that is why he is the strongest rider!!

After Casey left us, MaryAnn and I pulled over to wait for Debi and Dustin to catch up. They eventually did and we continued on our way usually between 16 and 18 mph.

We finally made it to the finish line and Dustin was bound and determined that I would not cross the finish line before him! So we raced the last couple miles and...

He won!! (shock)

After that it was time for some snow cones and other refreshments. Let me tell you - snow cones after a ride in the heat is absolutely wonderful!! So blissfully cold. Loved it!!

We then started back towards the car, and who shows up - Casey. Speedy little devil!! Maybe one of these days I will be that fast. Guess I will go for a bike ride tonight.


Vic said...

Nice race, Jill. Take care of those shins.

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

ohh orange and white.....nice! what kind are they?

Sarah said...

I am amazed at how fast some of the guys are that I ride with on Wednesday nights. We ride loops, and they breeze by me like I'm standing still. And I average 17 mph, which isn't exactly crawling!