Monday, September 11, 2006

Just Not Feeling It

This evening I went down to the basement at work for the ball class I have been taking for the past month or so. All was good. It is not the most challenging class, but in helps tone some of the areas that aren't that tone and it warms me up for some running.

So after class I head over to the treadmill, get set up and start going. Tonight I decided to try to use the mp3 player on my phone to see if I liked it better than watching the tube. So I fiddled with that for a couple minutes, played a song, it finished and other songs didn't start up again. I fiddled with it some more then shut the thing off. It wasn't working for me.

And during this time I am speeding up to run then slowing down to fiddle then speeding back up and then slowing down to fiddle again. Not helping the rhythm much.

I finally find my groove then start getting hot. I forgot to turn on the fan. So after 10 minutes I stop the treadmill to turn on the fan. Back on the treadmill and back to running.

Then someone leaves the room and doesn't shut the door. I continue going, but the open door is bothering me, so I stop, get off, shut the door, get back on, start running again and then say the heck with it. I am just not feeling it.

So I slow down the pace, increase the incline to 6 and go for a nice long walk while watching NOVA.

Hey, it's better than just quitting altogether and going home.

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bunnygirl said...

Sometimes it just doesn't come together. At least you did what you could!