Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bike Gods

The Bike Gods are out to get me!! I swear!!

First was the fall on Sunday. They were getting back at me for not being on my road bike for several weeks. And not only that – it was for running reasons. SHAME!!

Then this morning they remembered that I have another running event coming up which translates to - I will not be on my road bike again for a couple more weeks.

No consideration was given to the fact that I ride my mountain bike every day to and from work. Day, night, wind, rain – I am on my bike. No that is not good enough for them. I need to be out there more. Paying more attention to the bike. Training more on the bike.

Even when they know I have signed up for the MS150 and that I will start my tri training in earnest after Thanksgiving. No, not good enough.

And to show there displeasure they turned their back on me for a brief second. While I was riding my mountain bike. On a gravel path. Around a corner.

In that brief second of ignoring me the bike slipped and........WIPE OUT!!

The hand is a little gouged, the elbow is a tad bloody and the entire side of my leg has a beautiful case of road rash (or is that gravel rash?!).

I promise Bike Gods, not to ignore you again.

PLEASE forgive me!


jamoosh said...

I put full blame on the Running Gods. They could have smoothed things over with the Bike Gods. Damn them...

Jill said...

Okay - that sounds good too!!

TX Runner Girl said...

LOL, watch out...after Thanksgiving, when you're training for the MS150, the running gods might get ya!

Courtney said...

OOoooo That sucks! Be careful girl! Hopefully that will be the only bike issue this coming season. I guess ya gotta have one.