Wednesday, December 20, 2006

If this doesn't make you cry.....


I came across this blog a couple weeks ago and am hooked. This gentleman is a cameraman for Fox News and based in the Middle East. Some of his stories bring a smile to your face and some a tear to your eye. But they all make you think and appreciate the life of luxury your are leading.

One of his recent entries does that extremely well. Please go click on the link below and read it.

Mercy 10 Fallen Angel

Mal's other blog is .1of1%. It is more geared towards his training, which can be pretty challenging given his assignments!!


Courtney said...

Interesting... thanks for sharing the link.

Cagey said...

Thanks for the reminded me of the many hours that I spent working out and running in Camp Fallujah.

TX Runner Girl said...

I read the Mal's running's great! I'll check out the other one as well.