Sunday, January 07, 2007


These past weeks since the Tulsa marathon have had me in turmoil on what I should do for the Houston marathon. I am not looking forward to next Sunday. I am a bit scared. A bit nervous.

At first I was wondering - should I switch from the full to the half?

Some friends said I shouldn't switch. One said to do the half then do the Mardi Gras full with her.

Well, the deadline came and went, and I didn't switch. Hey, I can always change my mind and just run that route on race day! Probably not, but I have the option.

My next decision - should I start early?

The time limit for Houston is 6 hours from when you start. Well, considering my last two performances my chances of finishing in that time frame do not look good. That would mean I would again not get an official time for Houston. And since this is already a possibility - I could just start early and not get one anyway.

Even though the Houston marathon does not "officially" have an early start - TNT (and I believe the FIT groups) has gotten around it. The officials kind of turn a blind eye because TNT is one of the largest fundraisers for the marathon. The walkers will be taking off at 5:30, and another group - "The Turtles" - will be heading out at 6:00. I will be with this group.

I would like to get an official time for Houston, and maybe one of these days I will, but this year I am not going to push it. Maybe once I meet that number one New Year's resolution I will finally be able to beat the Houston time limit. I know I can do it - I did Austin in 5:45:58.7 - the one marathon where I stuck with the training plan!!

Another benefit of starting with The Turtles - they will be running my pace, they will be doing my same intervals (5/1's) and because we are starting early the course will not be empty by the time we cross the finish line.

All will be okay.


bunnygirl said...

That's a good plan to head out early if you don't think you can make the cutoff time. I live a couple blocks from Mile 23 and go out there every year to watch and to run with my friends. I've seen the ones who have missed the cutoff, walking those last few miles alone. They look so lonely and tired!

Go with the Turtles and have a fabulous time! Will your group have anything to identify it, so I can say hi when I see you out there?

CO Snowbunnies said...

I hope you have fun, even though you are not looking forward to it. We'll be thinking of you running, outside, in nice weather while buried under snowstorm #4. Good Luck!

TX Runner Girl said...

I agree with Bunnygirl...hang out with the turtles. It'll be more fun with a group! Whichever you decide, good luck! I'm only doing the 1/2, but I may see you before the race.

Anonymous said...
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jamoosh said...

Whatever your plan, have a good race!

bunnygirl said...

Great to see you out there today! I'm looking forward to your report!