Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Some updates

Okay - I said I would say something about the half-marathon. Well, it was a great experience. I signed up the day before, thinking that I would be doing it with a friend of mine. She didn't show up. And since I was there, I did it. I wasn't prepared for 13.1 miles but I figured if I wasn't feeling it after the second loop, I could stop. A couple weeks before I had tried doing 4/2's (4 run, 2 walk) and it seemed to work okay so I decided to try it again.

I saw Cassie at the start and said hi as she passed by as I went to get in line. I then saw her again coming from the 1st set of porta-potty's after the starting line - for those of you who were there know that these were about 10 ft after the start line!! We fell in line for about 3/4's of a mile and chatted. Then it was time for me to start following my plan and I started walking and she continued on her way.

At first the two minutes felt like a long time, but I felt so refreshed when I started running again it was amazing. I kept getting faster and faster during those 4 minute runs. I think I pushed it a bit too much, but it was great seeing my pace get a little faster with every mile that went by. It caught up with me around mile 10 and I had to start slowing down, but all in all it was okay.

I had been playing tag with another runner out there on the course. She was doing a different run/walk method but we were keeping up with each other and I figured if I could finish with her I would do great. But it was not to be. I had to take a pee break and was never able to catch her again - I could see her in the distance but I had expended too much of my energy earlier on.

Overall I was happy with the results and maybe I can improve on them in the new year.

The next update is that I have signed up (with TNT) to do the Lonestar Half-Iron Triathlon in Galveston on March 30, 2008!! Woo Hoo for me!!

Update number three - I went back home to Washington State and participated in their Turkey Trot and completed it in 33:00 minutes!! Another shout out for me!! The race did not have an official time, but that is what my Garmin said, and I am sticking to it!!

I did the Trot with my cousin Johnny who was positive that I could keep up with him - NOT!! I kept telling him that I am a 12 min miler and since he is closer to an 8:30 miler, me keeping up with him just wasn't going to happen. He said he would slow down to a 10 min pace!! I laughed. The gun went off, he kept trying to pull me along, I wasn't going to be able to do it and I was finally able to be left in the dust and proceeded along at my own pace with a couple walk breaks thrown in for good measure. It was a fun little race and took place along the Columbia River. The temperatures were seriously cold, but they had a group warm-up prior to the start of the run. It was too funny - they had us doing aerobics in the middle of the park! I think my laughing warmed me up more than the actual exercise. It was a fun race and I am happy with the results.

And the final update - I am training for a new position. I am still working for the same company, but I will have some new responsibilities. My boss thinks I will be good in this new position - and I sure hope I do not disappoint. Don't think I will, but I am always nervous when I start new things.

On another note - I have decided to switch to the half for the Breast Cancer Marathon. I just have not been able to be very good about my training. This new position will be great for that - less traveling and less eating out!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Viv said...

Congrats again on a job well gone on the 1/2 and yaa on the Turkey Trot time.

WTG for signing up the Lone Star tri. I am thinking of doing a tri and a duo this coming year, I have no idea where or how to start training..ugh!

TX Runner Girl said...

Way to go on your 1/2 and the Turkey Trot! I can't wait to read about the Lone Star Tri. I had a few friends who did it last year. After this baby, I am hoping to train for a tri. I can't wait!

Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

hey girl!

i'm doing an olympic tri this upcoming year...looks like everyone is joining the tri ranks...yes!

Christine said...

And again I say...running-check, biking-ok, swimming-nuts! ;) HAVE FUN!