Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm not ready!!

I haven't been training properly and events are LOOMING!! I am going to do a half-marathon this Sunday. Was supposed to do the full but just not there. I did do 24 miles when I was out on the Houston Marathon course as a TNT "coach" but that is not the same type of miles - lots of walking - not a whole lot of running.

The next big event after this weekend will be the Lone Star Triathlon in Galveston on March 30 - I am signed up for the half-iron distance. CRAZY!!

I was supposed to do the Texas Independence Relay, but the team I was on deferred to next year due to too many people with injuries. Kinda sucks, but c'est la vie. One plus - I can now do the Rodeo Run.

A couple weeks ago I did the Mardi Gras Beach Run (10K) and the Rockets Run (5K) with some friends. We had a blast!! Both runs had a down hill right before the finish line and it was great. For the Mardi Gras run it wasn't that big of a deal, but I know I finished the Rockets Run in under 36 minutes because of those ramps that took all finishers to center court of the Toyota Center! Gotta love them down hills!

After the half-iron I will be doing the MS150 two weeks later. Needless to say - my weekends are going to be pretty booked up with bike rides and running events the next several weeks. And my weekdays with swimming, running and biking!!

Oh - and by the way - I am also looking to buy a house - and my lease is up the end of April!


Viv said...

Have fun with the Rodeo Run! I will be doing the Lone Star Sprint distance. Good luck with the 1/2 Iron..That is awesome :-)

Tiggs said...

Jill- I think I missed the open water swim with TNT (was it today?? Saturday?) Are they having another one before Lone Star? If so I'd really like to tag along. said...

Jill, make sure you pick up a copy of Inside Texas Running in March when it comes out. :)

And thanks for the shout-out coming down the stretch at the Marathon!

Cat said...

Hi Jill. I know this is completely random but please hear me out. This comment was the only way I knew how to get ahold of you. I found you because I Googled, "Marine Bar Moscow, the only radiated bar in the world" and your message to someone stated that you have a teeshirt saying this.
See, my dad was a Marine security guard at the embassy in Leningrad before it became St. Petersburg. Needless to say, I'm sure, he partied quite a bit and along the way obtained a yellow quarter-lengthed sleeved shirt with that writing on it.
Now heres the problem: In my teenage youth my dad gave me the shirt. A girlfriend of mine "borrowed" the shirt and I have not seen it since. My father probably has never noticed and probably doesn't miss the shirt, but it holds sentimental value to me, and I would love to have it back.
Since you may still have one, I am offering to buy it off of you if you are willing to sell. Like I said before, I realize that this is completely random and strange and a stranger is offering you money for an article of clothing which you said you had in passing. But, if there is a chance you are interested in selling or even just talking to me about it, please contact me! Take care.

Jill said...


Sorry - but I just couldn't part with the shirt. Best of luck in finding one.