Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I have been pretty good with my marathon training and it has showed, but my injury prevention has been the pits and pains are starting to develop. I am the worst person when it comes to stretching and because of it I think I am starting to get plantar fascitiis and ITBS.

During the half on Sunday my hips started hurting and didn't stop until I finished the race. When I ran my hands along my ITB's I felt a little pain with increased pressure. Time to get the roller out.

After getting home and resting a bit, any time I would get up I gimped because my heels hurt like crazy. I kept stretching and doing the alphabet with my feet but it only helped a little. I put on some sandals with 2" heels and that helped a bit more. I eventually filled a bottle with water and froze it - that helped. I am now making sure I do the alphabet with the feet a couple times a day along with icing.

I am going to go get the roller now.


Jen's Journey said...

I hear ya! I had to plunge into an ice bath today - it was hard but it helped! I am the worst with stretching but a recent knee injury has me stretching more and it seems to help.

TX Runner Girl said...

I am bad about stretching too! I usually start stretching more when I am feeling an injury coming on...by then it's too late. Doh!