Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Congratulations Finishers!!

Sunday was a blast! I got up around 6:45, got ready, loaded up the back pack and headed out. I got to Montrose just as the first runner was going by. Boy was he fast!! I proceeded to bike up the road and eventually made it to the TNT tent (I only got yelled at by one cop while crossing over to the median on my bike!). Then the cheering began. At first it was all the elite men, then the elite women finally started to show up – so I cheered a little extra for them ;) Then the masses started showing up and I began looking for people I knew. You know how hard that is? Hard! I was able to get pics of a few individuals that I saw in time and a couple times I jumped into the throng of people and ran with them for a few yards. After the runners had passed mile 8 I went to mile 23 and cheered some more. Then it was off to the finish line. I tried to stay out as long as possible to cheer in the final competitors. I did pretty good, but as I was leaving the Hilton after a celebratory drink with friends I saw one marathoner trying to find the finish line. I directed her as best I could, but I am sure the line was dismantled by the time she got there. Too bad, but at least she stuck it out and finished!!

People I saw on the course:
Full Marathon
Jon Sawoska (03:43:13)
Bill Crews - TNT Honored Patient (03:50:42)
Jamie Dalsing (03:57:55)
Carolyn Kundiger (04:23:43)
Amy McClain (04:38:34)
Dave Smart (05:14:21)
Adrienne Balfour (05:42:37)
Dan Kundiger (started early - around 5:45)

Half Marathon
Consuela Schoenberger (half - 01:42:04)
Robin Mitchell (02:09:50)
Cassie Cowan and Manny Mondragon (02:12:54)
Sarah Graybeal (02:18:34)
Debi and Dustin Riherd (02:26:30)
Jon and Waverly Walk (02:54:06) (awesome job Waverly!!)
Erica Smith (02:56:02)
Erin Nies (03:27:55)
Michelle Dedman (03:58:37)

I saw lots of other people on the sidelines and coaching, but that list would go on forever!!

I have some pics on my camera (some great ones, I am sure, of Waverly) and will post once I get them developed.

On another note - I had my final doctor's appointment with my podiatrist concerning my toe. All is healed. My joint is even trying to overcompensate and grow some extra bone to fuse my joint! Lucky me! It should be okay though - just need to make sure I keep the thing mobile. I do get some pain in the joint when I run, but that will hopefully get better with time and goes away once I am able to take my shoe off and flex/crack that particular toe. I bought some glucosamine/chondroitin on Saturday, maybe that will help. Couldn't hurt!


Cassie (TIGGS) said...

glad the toe is A-ok!!! yay!!

Erin said...

Get those pics developed woman!! :)

WalkSports.com said...

Thanks for the ear-splitting cheers (especially on the back half)! Waverly was struggling on both sides of that stop -- congestion on the going out side and hip pain on the other coming back.

She did great! Dad's incredibly proud. :)