Friday, January 13, 2006

Getting there

I usually run around the Hermann Park Golf Course (1.98 miles according to the map I have). My warm up and cool down is the quarter mile I walk/jog from my apartment to the park. Well, last night I went for another run. It was somewhere around 70 degrees when I headed out and as I was crossing the road to start my walk to the park a guy ran passed me wearing gloves, a long sleeved shirt with a short sleeve on top of that, and a pair of long shorts. Blew me away! Even though I have become more acclimated to Houston heat since moving here 9 years ago, I do not think I will ever get that acclimated!

Anyway, I got to the park and started my run. It seems it always takes me at least half a mile to get into my groove and by the time I got there I was feeling good. My knee was hurting a little, but I figure losing some weight will help that. I need to try that glucosamine and chondroitin stuff (anybody out there use it?). By the time I finished the loop I had shaved off a minute from Monday’s run. I am getting there! I said I would up my mileage this week so I ran another mile then walked back home. It felt good. I am so excited about getting to run again!

Since I am back running, I figured my diet should change. Less junk and more good for me foods. I will never be able to cut out all the bad foods, but I am trying to limit them and I have already seen a difference in the scale since last Wednesday. I am trying to avoid getting on the scale more than twice a month. I want to be surprised! So the next time I get the thing out will be February 4th. But at least I know what I am doing so far is beneficial. I am getting there!!

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