Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Just a little note

Saturday I met up with some of my tri friends for some cycling. We did 5 - 4.2 mile loops out at Bear Creek Park. It was fun, but a little tiring. Not sure if I will do 45 miles at the Frost Bike 50 this Sunday. We'll see. I still need to get my clipless pedals put on my bike - I am such a procrastinator!

Sunday was spent cleaning. My mother flew in on Monday, and things have to be extra clean because she is very allergic to my ferret. BTW - I have a ferret. His name is Beazer and he is a real cutie (in my opinion). That is his picture on my profile page.

Monday my mother flew in and we did some shopping and went out to dinner.

Yesterday, we went for a walk around the golf course and I cooked a yummy dinner. It was ginger and pineapple chicken thighs with saffron rice and golden raisins. Scrumptous if I do say so myself! Tonight I will be making shrimp gumbo. This will be my first attempt with this dish, hope it turns out okay.

Last week I went to several TNT info meetings and tomorrow I have to go to a mentor meeting for the new season. Supposedly things have changed in regards to mentor duties and such, hope it is not too bad. I just know that the next several months are going to be a real challenge time wise - what with the MS150, mentor duties, all the running and cycling events and training, America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride, various other TNT events, etc. Hope I can do it all.

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Cassie (TIGGS) said...

Good luck w/ the mentor thing. I don't know that I will do it again after last time. Ehhhh.

U are going to be busy too. Spring=BUSY!

I want to do a tri, but I can't find a sprint distance. Any ideas?? I was doing My First Tri, but it is cancelled....