Monday, January 09, 2006

The training has begun

I did another 2.5 miles on Saturday. Everything went well, so I was happy. I was even a little faster than the last run. Sometime this week I will bump up the mileage. I am so envious of you half and full marathoners!

Sunday, I woke up fairly early and figured I would go out for a bike ride. But then I got caught up in this book I have been reading - The Devil in the White City - and did not get out the door until a little after 11 am. Not the best thing, because I think the wind picks up more as the day progresses and it was windy going out. I ride along Braes Bayou and if you do the complete loop it is between 27 and 28 miles. I did 21.3 of those miles on Sunday, and to give you an idea of the wind factor. Going out I did 10.7 miles in 58 minutes (avg 11 mph), took a gu break, then did 10.6 miles in 41 minutes (avg 15.5 mph). My top speed going out was 17 mph and my top speed coming back was 24 mph (and this was not going down a hill)! It sure is fun to ride with the wind vs. against it! Next weekend I plan on doing at least 30 miles on the bike, and I am going to get my clipless pedals put back on the bike (couldn't use them while the toe was healing).

I thought of running another 2.5 miles last night, but I went to the grocery store instead. I am trying to get out of the habit of buying lunch at work and get back into the habit of preparing my meals. Saves money and it is usually healthier.

BTW - in a previous post I accidentally said my pre-injury speed was around 11 mph. NOT SO! More like 11 minutes per mile. Sorry about that! I was having a blond moment!


Cassie (TIGGS) said...

Jill, I want to get on the bike starting after the Half. We need to make a date for the weekend of 20-21st. I want to do 20 before the Frost Bike.

Jill said...


Sounds like a plan. I volunteered for a TNT info mtg on the 21st at 10:30. We could meetup before that or on the 22nd. I will e-mail you.

lisaleese said...

I love getting caught up in a good book...