Sunday, February 12, 2006


Dang - it has been cold here! I wish I had brought my winter coat with me to the bake sale. The wind was blowing continuously, we were in the shade the entire time, and we froze our tails off! It was so cold this morning that the soft baked cookies were rock hard. Too funny!

I stayed up late last night. Didn't go to bed until 3 am, then it was up by 7:30, and I finally left around 9:15. I had over 300 bags of goodies for the bake sale. Crazy!

My drive up to the Wal-Mart was going okay until I hit FM 529, that is where I got into a little trouble. A cop clocked me going 57 in a 45. Bad girl!! He asked for my drivers license and proof of insurance. I gave him the license, then went searching for the insurance card. Guess what? Yeah, you're right - I didn't have it with me. But I told the nice police officer that I had insurance and I could give him the name of the company and my policy number. He asked me to tell him so I rattled off the information. And, being such a kind gentleman, he said he would give me the benefit of the doubt and believe me! Kind sweet man. Then he told me to hold tight and he would be right back. So I sat in my car trying to remember if I had taken defensive driving within the past 2 years. And the answer was no (sigh of relief). Then the VERY NICE police officer comes back to my car and gives me a warning!! Hallelujah!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

So I am off again, this time well within the speed limit. I finally get to Wal-Mart and Brenna and I set up shop. Then we start selling our goodies. It took several hours but we sold most of Brenna's stuff, and over half of mine (I had brought more stuff). We ended up making $430, and Wal-Mart will match that - so we will each end up with $430 for our fundraising. Not too bad, considering. We will be doing it again in March, and hopefully this time it will be warmer!

I went over to my friend Tam's house afterwards and she bought my left overs for $100. Her husband owns a grocery store and she will have him sell the goodies at his place. Thanks Tam!

One thing about today I will not do in the future. I will always acknowledge the people who are asking for donations (unless they are bums - I have lived in too many places where begging was a profession) and give them some change or a dollar - if I have the cash. And if I do not have the cash, I will apologize and tell them I do not. There is nothing worse than being totally ignored when you are talking to someone. And I may not be rich, but I can certainly spare a couple quarters or a dollar. And to all those individuals who donated to us today - Thank you! That was very kind and I appreciate your generosity!

Okay enough of that. It is time for bed. I have to get some rest, I need to get back to my training. Maybe I will go to the rec center tomorrow and rejoin. But then I do need to get my clipless pedals put back on my bike. I know - pedals then rec center!

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