Saturday, February 11, 2006


This morning was the first day of training for TNT. We met at Memorial Park and did over 20 miles - but not all in one go. We would go out for 5 laps, have a meeting, go back out for another 5 laps, have another meeting, etc, until we finished 20 laps. Even though it was kind of low key I still got in a decent work out because I kept speeding up to catch up with my mentees or other riders, then I would chat for a bit, then speed up to find someone else. I met a lot of new people and had fun. But I sure do have a lot of work to do to get my speed up and be able to keep it up.

After cycling it was off the TNT office to pick up the tent and table (Brenna is so taking it back - I just do not have enough space for all this stuff in my car). Then it was off to Randall's for the final shopping spree for the bake sale.

And now I am baking. I have finished the last batch of rice Krispie treats, baked 4 dozen cup cakes (still need to frost), and am now baking cookies. None of this stuff is "homemade" (except the rk treats) but it is all "handbaked" - meaning everything is coming out of a package with me just adding water, oil, and eggs. Here lies one of the problems I had. While making the cookie dough, I was reading the instructions for the cake batter. Well, the cake batter called for 1-1/3 cup of water where as the cookie dough called for 1 TABLESPOON!! Oops! Now I could have just tossed the stuff out, but no - that would be wasteful. Mind you the package of cookie mix cost $1, and I was doubling the recipe, so that was only $2 I would be out. But I decided to see if I could salvage the stuff. I drained as much water off as possible, added three more packages of mix, left out the water, added half the oil and 4 eggs instead of 5. It is still a bit runny, but I am baking bars right now - and those will hopefully turn out. I will let you know. If not - I will be out $5. Thank goodness I have more packages in case my experiment fails! Ooh, the buzzer just went off, let me go check.....not done, have to wait a few more experiment failed. They cookies are cake like. Oh well, I have more mix. Back to the kitchen I go.

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