Friday, March 10, 2006

ABC-13 Spring Blood Drive and Marrow Donor Registry

I have wanted to register for a number of years, and I finally did it today - I just completed registering with the National Bone Marrow Donor Program! It involved filling out a form and having my finger stuck. Pretty painless!

I didn't donate blood, though. I have too much activity planned for this weekend and know that I would be wiped out if I had donated. In a couple weeks I will go down to the blood bank and donote blood and platelets to make up for it.

Click here for locations to donate.

Click here for a reason to register.


Erin said...

I registered with the bone marrow registry about 2 years ago.

Crazy story: when my BIL was looking for a bone marrow donor, they found a match thru the national registry. They called the guy to tell him he was a match for Dave & they guy immediately said "what do I need to do to help him?" They brought him in for tests to make sure he was healthy enough for the transplant only to find out he had cancer himself! He had NO idea! It was the very early stages & because it was caught so early he had a very strong chance of a full recovery. So in a weird twist of fate, the man that was going to try to save my BIL's life, ended up having his life saved by my BIL. If he'd never been on the national registry, he likely wouldn't have found out about his own cancer until it was too late.

To this day I still wonder if the guy is ok.

Cagey said...

Congrats on registering to become a bone marrow donor. I signed up for the registry about 13 years ago to help a friend's son, but my marrow was not compatible. Hopefully, I'll be able to help someone one day.