Tuesday, March 28, 2006

In need of a plan

Yesterday I set out for a run after work. The day was nice and I was looking forward to getting out there. This is what my mind was thinking, but my body wasn't going along with it. I started getting this pain about half a mile into the run (heck, I only did 2 miles!). It wasn't a pain that I had ever had before - it was around my left knee, but it wasn't really the knee, it wasn't shin splints and it wasn't ITB. Hmm. Wonder what it was? Maybe it was just my body telling me that it didn't want to run that day. I should have gone swimming instead. Oh well.

Cagey has got me thinking more about my so called training! I have no plan. I know what I need to do, but I haven't been doing it. When I broke my toe I was still gung ho about getting out there and exercising, but when my toe didn't get better I really fell off the bandwagon. Now all the work that I had done prior to that has been shot and I am pretty much starting from ground zero. It sucks.

I did a little searching for some marathon training today and found a couple things. It is a little over 29 weeks until the Chicago Marathon and 4 weeks afer that is Tulsa and I want to feel good about my performances so I need to start now. And one of these days I would like to do a half-iron distance triathlon, so I need to work on that, too. I have been reading quite a few blogs about other triathletes training for actual Ironmans and I am in awe of their dedication. I have two friends doing Ironmans (one is doing Arizona in April, and the other is supposed to be doing the one in Germany this summer) and they are both built for these events - lean, lean, lean. I am not very lean and will probably never be that lean, but I need to get leaner than I am. So that means coming up with a plan.

I need to start planning my training and I REALLY need to start controlling my caloric intake. I need to go to the gym more and I seriously need to get over this mental block I have about going to the gym! I need to stop procrastinating and thinking everything has to be perfect before I do something. I need to stop saying "I need" and "just do it"!!


Mojo said...

Okay, here's a plan. I do this when I really don't want to do something like cleaning my soap shack.

Drive to the gym and train for 15 min. If after that 15 min, you really don't want to do it anymore you can stop. Half the battle is just getting motivated. I bet you'll finish your workout though. I always finish cleaning my soap shed. :)

Erin said...

One way to decrease your caloric intake: have your wisdom teeth pulled. (why should I be alone in my misery, eh?)

On a more serious note, I am in the same boat as you. I can't seem to get my ass to the gym. How much is the rec center per month? Maybe I'll join it & then we can work out together.