Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bonus Miles

Yesterday was another training ride with TNT. If you followed directions you ended up doing just over 60 miles. If you didn’t - you ended up with some bonus miles! I ended up with close to 4 bonus miles, some others with close to 6. But the winners by far ended up with 12 bonus miles!! This group was led by Patrick and he is notorious for getting lost!! It is probably because he is going 20+ mph! Poor Patrick!! NOT!

The day started a little chilly but soon warmed up and it was GORGEOUS!! Tons of wild flowers (I wish I knew all the names) and a couple huge fields of Bluebonnets!! The skies were clear and the wind wasn’t too bad (I can’t believe I just said that!!). Spring is such a wonderful season! Such a shame it is only fleeting here in southeast Texas.

This past week I have been attempting to clean my bike. I started, but the dirt and grime was so bad I decided I needed more grease cutting power. So I went to the store and bought some Simple Green (which several web sites had mentioned). Didn’t work as well as I wanted, but then maybe my bike was just too dirty. Such a horrible thing to say, I so need to take better care of it. But then again, I do have a problem with perfectionism (can’t tell by looking at me, but I do!). Anyway, after several hours of degreasing, scrubbing, and wiping down I was finished. And the best part – yesterday morning when I was getting my bike out of my car – someone commented on my clean and shiny chain!!

After the ride it was time for Mexican food - beef fajitas and margaritas! Then it was home. And by 6:30 I was out! Didn’t get up again until 6:30 this morning! Amazing what some exercise, sun and margaritas will do to you!!

Now it is time to clean house and then it is off to a HRB meeting tonight. If you are a runner, like to blog about it and live in the area – you are welcome to come check us out. More information can be found at the Houston Running Bloggers Running Club blog page.


Erin said...

Crap! I totally forgot about the HRB meeting tonight. :(

Cagey said...

I love the fact the that you can celebrate a workout with Mexican food and margaritas. My guilty post-workout pleasure is buffalo wings and beer. Fortunately, I don't do that too often.

Mojo said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day! A long bike run, mexican food, margaritas and sound sleep? Sounds like a perfect day to me!

You should have gotten a bonus drink for cleaning your bike! :)

david said...

Hold on a minute. You can't just say you had beef fajitas and margaritas, you have to say where!

Jill said...

It was Capulcos at Barker-Cypress and 290. They had BIG margaritas for $4, and I probably should have only had one and not two!!