Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

I now have a bike rack!! Yeah!!

Next is a camera. I have been looking at the Canon SD450, but I went on the Internet and checked out Olympus and I saw the Stylus 720 SW. I am liking that one! Only one problem - it doesn't have a view finder. On bright days that could make viewing the screen rather difficult. But it is shock proof (great for those bumpy roads and my falls!), water proof and has image stabilization (for when you are finished with a long run or ride and the hands are not very steady).

I didn't make it running last night. After figuring out how to put the rack on my car I went to look at cameras.

Tomorrow is 70 miles out in Montgomery. Wonder how hilly this course will be?! Sunday I will be heading over to a friends for a surprise b-day party - and I would think some Easter happenings.

Have a wonderful Good Friday and happy Easter!!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY EASTER, JillyBean! I love you! M:O)M said...

Wave Hi! as you come north, but Waverly and I will be heading south in the morning to do the Resurrection Run 5K in Clear Lake.

Best wishes on your last big ride before the MS150.

Mojo said...

Happy Easter! The easter bunny is being a good boy this year. Jelly Beans socks, bike rack and a camera?

Now he needs to leave ya some beer and snacks for the weekend!