Thursday, April 13, 2006

New Socks

Yesterday I went and had my bike inspected for the MS150. Now I am entitled to free labor along the course if needed. That can be very helpful.

I also picked up a couple gels and some socks

Back when I was at university in Washington I spent a couple summers with my mom in Wyoming. Christine would come over from Idaho and we would have some wild times!! The things we did back then!! Anyway, I have had a couple nicknames in my lifetime. The first was "Bunny" because I LOVE rabbits. My mother used to call me this when I was lots younger! The second was one Michele gave me back when we were getting to know each other (my dad doesn't like that name!!). And the final one (pretty much) was one that Christine gave me during one of those summer vacations. She made a sign for me with the new nickname and then decorated it by drawing lots of colored jellybeans on it. Can you guess? Yep, it is JillyBean.

So when I saw these socks yesterday I had to have them!!

BTW – Chris, I still have the sign!!

After the trip to the store I rode back home and put on my new socks and other cycling gear and headed to the med center to meet up with some of the members of my MS150 team. We rode along Braes Bayou for 19 miles (total miles for the day was 29). It wasn't as casual of a ride as I thought it was going to be. Which is a good thing!

After that it was home for a quick shower and then off to Two Rows where I shared some quesadillas and drank a couple Barking Fish Porters. So much for sticking to water or iced tea!!

Not sure what is in store tonight. I would like to go running, but I need to pick up my bike rack and buy a digital camera. Maybe I will buy the camera tomorrow and go running after picking up the bike rack. We'll see.


david said...

So how about a combo of old and new Miss Jelly Bunny...

Joe said...

You were riding yesterday?!? Which one were you? I was the one on the blue bike with red "feisty devils" jersey.

Jill said...

David - I don't think so!!!

Joe - I was there on Tuesday night. My bike is a red and white Trek, and I think I was wearing a TNT shirt. I will be out there again this coming Tuesday.

Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

keep it up, you are going to bike a great MS150! maybe you can ride wth me after that...i'm slow though! :(

walchka said...

Those are some great socks. :)

Christine said...

I can't believe you still have the sign!!! lol