Friday, April 07, 2006

New Do

Several months ago I went to a bachelor/bachelorette auction put on by some of my TNT friends. The auction went great – they made somewhere around $20,000 auctioning off many single guys and gals, silent auction items, cover charge, percentage of the bar tab, etc!! It was tons of fun and I got a little tipsy which helped when it came time to pimp out as many people as possible!! I bid on a couple items (yes, one was a bachelor!!) and won a couple things (yes, one was a bachelor!!).

The date I "won" was supposed to consist of the bachelor flying me to New York and then him escorting me to dinner and drinks. Well, come to find out the guy has a jealous girlfriend. So things changed. Now I am waiting to hear if the guy will give me his airline miles so I can at least get a free trip out of the deal! If only I hadn’t had one too many vodka tonics that night! Oh well, live and learn!!

The other item I bid on and won that night was a cut and color from a local salon. Well, yesterday was my appointment. The colorist put in blond highlights and the stylist went wild! I now have a shaggy do. My hair still has length but now I have "fringe" and tons of layers. And the best part - it is not that hard to maintain. Because I have a little natural curl everything does not just lie there and it takes on a curly/shaggy look. So far I am liking it!

After the salon I went and picked up my packet for the Space Race and then it was off to the 59 Diner for dinner with the ferret folks. Then it was home and bed.

Tonight I am going to pick up my new bike rack for the trunk of my car. Now I will not have to cram my bike into my car every time I want to take it somewhere. You know – one of these days I am going to be a real biker!


Erin said...

That guy TOTALLY needs to give you his FF miles. You paid for him & you should get something in return... jealous girlfriend or not.

I wanna see your new do!! I bet it looks great! :)

Mojo said...

Sounds like your haircut is cute because you have nice hair. I have really fine and flat hair that likes to mold to bike helmet shape when wet with sweat. Think flying nun hair-do.

That guy needs to buy you an airplane ticket. Shouldn't have played in the game if he wasn't single.

Hey! I used to have ferrets! They are smart and sassy little animals. I like it when they hop around sideways when they are excited. Sleeping in hammocks was very cute also. You have a digital camera? Post some pics of them!

Cagey said...

I agree with Mojo; that guy shouldn't have been on the prize list if he was really off the market. That's false advertising. You should at least get the tickets since they couldn't deliver the goods as advertised.

Christine said...

And your sis says...where's the pic???? ;)