Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Space Race

I have done it again. I have signed up for another bike ride. I do not know what my problem is. Why can't I just say no?! Oh well, it is all for a good cause. The money supports the Ronald McDonald House charity and the biking helps me get in better shape. See, all for a good cause!!

This means that I will be riding at least 50 miles in good hill country (Chappell Hill) on Saturday and then another 60 in flat country (north Houston towards Galveston) on Sunday!

Wondering about myself again!!

My mother's response when I told her I signed up – "you will do anything to get out of housework!" You’re damn right I will!! Hate the stuff. A 60 mile bike ride is soooooo much easier than getting the vacuum out or cleaning the toilet.

Okay, workout report….

Didn’t do anything yesterday. I fell asleep at 6:30. That darn day light savings thing. I went running today, though. 4 miles. Not too bad. You know what is interesting? I can do 62 miles of hill training on the bike and not be sore, but I run 4 miles and I feel it. Crazy!

Today's weather was beautiful, but after the first loop I wasn’t thinking that anymore. The reason – temps in the low 80's along with the humidity. Time to dust off the fuel belt, it is going to be a long and very warm summer.


bunnygirl said...

I've done the Space Race in other years. It used to always be held at Johnson Space Center. This year it's at the greyhound track, which makes no sense at all.

I haven't decided yet if I want to do the ride because it tends to be poorly marked and the routes are often quite a bit longer than advertised. I have no idea if it will be any better in this new location or not.

Cagey said...

Don't worry you'll soon discover that doing 4 mile runs is actually much easier than 62 on the bike.

david said...

you got the fever!

Mojo said...

Wow, you are a biking fool girl! Those are some long rides. Good for you!

I'm with you on the house work thing. I finally broke down and cleaned my house last Friday because we had company. It took me 5 hours! I was thinking how many miles could I have gone on the bike in 5 hours?

Ya know what? My house is already dirty again, it's a waste of time!