Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Triple Crown!!

I'm back!! What a totally awesome experience!! I promise a report on the whole weekend (especially the ride) along with a ton of pictures!

But first - I wanted everyone to know (who I haven't already informed in the months leading up to this event) that I am now an official TNT Triple Crown!!

What does that mean, you ask? What it means is that I have fundraised for and comleted all of the three major TNT events. First was the Houston Marathon, second I did the CapTexTri and this weekend I completed America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride!!

Woo Hoo for me!!

Yes - I am rather excited and proud of myself!! But then, wouldn't you be proud?!!


Cassie (TIGGS) said...

i know I'm super proud of ya!! go jill!

Cagey said...

Congrats on the Triple Crown. What's next for you?

HRB President said...

Congrats! I read your post and went scrambling for the results of this year's CapTexTri (held Memorial Day weekend) ... thinking OMG! I missed a result.

Way to go!

Jill said...

Jon - guess I should have mentioned that the marathon and tri were both in '05. Sorry!!

Cagey - what's next? A couple sprint triathlons and a duathlon this summer, then the Chicago and Tulsa marathon in the fall. Not sure what else yet, but I am sure there will be something!!

Cassie - Thank you!!

walchka said...

Congrats that awesome! I hope to get there someday, but right now I'm too hooked on the triathlons.

jamoosh said...

Rock on Jill.

Only two marathons in the fall...