Monday, July 24, 2006


This past Saturday I planned on getting up early and making it to the park in time for the pre-run warm-up and stretching. Didn't happen. I had a bad nights sleep and ended up getting to the park late. Someone else was there late, too, so I at least had a running partner for the first four miles. But then she started tiring (she had given plasma earlier in the week and she still hadn't recovered) and she said not to wait for her anymore. I made it to the water stop at Waugh and Memorial, then headed over to Spotts Park for some hills and stairs, then I continued on up into the Heights.

I didn't see the water fountain after I got on the other side of I-10 and was thinking there would be another water stop at 11th where I would be turning around to retrace my steps back to the park.

But there wasn't one and I wasn't wearing my fuel belt and I was getting VERY thirsty!

I started looking for stores that might be open, water hoses or water fountains. I finally saw a hose on the other side of the road and made my way over to it. I then hoped it was attached to a business and not a home. And then I hoped that the hose was one you could drink out of. It must have been, because I am still here!

I finally get a drink, and get back on the path and less than half a block later I see the water fountain that I had missed the first time by! I drink some more water and then continue my way back to the park. But by now the lack of water is starting to wear on me.

On my way to the Heights I was sweating profusely. I could feel it dripping down my neck and back, and I could even see drops dripping off my visor. But by the time I found the hose the sweating had slowed considerably. My arms felt dry and the sweat was no longer dripping off me. Not good.

When I arrived back at the water stop on Memorial and Waugh I drank several cups of water and Gatorade and proceeded back to the park. 2.5 miles to go. I could do it!

Then I started looking at my watch trying to gauge my pace. We were scheduled to do 10 miles that morning, and according to my estimates I was going SLOW!! VERY SLOW!! Even with the water stops and being a little dehydrated I was going way slower than I have ever gone before. I finally got so frustrated I just stopped the clock and reset it to zero. The heck with this. I do not want to remember this time!

I eventually made it back to the park and met up with the rest of the group. Then I started thinking. I asked one of the coaches where I was supposed to turn around at. 8th Street was the response!! Uh Oh! I turned around at 11th! I went a total of 6 extra blocks! Then I found out the route was closer to 10.5 miles and not 10! Maybe I wasn't as slow as I thought. So after breakfast I went home, got on the Internet and mapped my distance.

11.7 miles!

Guess I wasn't as slow as I thought!


Vic said...

No, you weren't that slow, were you. Great story. I didn't expect that ending. Great run, Jill.

Mojo said...

Great run! I'm sure you were pleasantly surprised when you realized you did over a mile more.

That's a long run, woman! Hope hope you are feeling great!

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

hehehe, good job jill! sounds like something I would do!

elf said...

Jill, for future reference, there's a water fountain about 20 yards past 11th St., right in the middle of the median.

Great run!


Sue said...

eeeekkkk you need a Garmin!!! That story made me laugh! Mind you, I always run with my running belt and fluid, need the sense of security! (plus I'm in UK, less fountains around I think!)

Mojo said...

Hope you are well. You haven't posted for awhile.

I thought of you yesterday. I posted a picture of my ferret when I was a teen. It reminded me of you and Beazer.

Take care!