Friday, August 11, 2006

I'm Here

Yeah, I know. I haven't blogged in a VERY LONG TIME!!

Not really sure what happened. Just got out of the habit for a couple weeks, but am now trying to get my act back together!

I did the Webster Duathlon three weeks ago this Sunday. That was an eye opener. Not that I didn't know I wouldn't do that wonderful. But still, you always wish you could have done better.

As I was pulling into the parking lot, I saw fellow blogger and HRBer Sarah. I parked, got ready and we hung out together until the race started. I would say the majority of the people there (and there were not that many - it was the smallest race I have been in so far) were pretty hard core. Very fit, slim, trim athletes with expensive bikes and/or bike accessories, even a few with custom paint jobs. I knew I would be in the back of the pack.

The race started, and Sarah and I ran together for the first half mile or so and then I said "see ya" and watched as she disappeared into the distance! I kept plugging away at my run and eventually made it back to the transition.

This is where I decided I could make up some time, and I am glad to say I passed several people on the ride. And the best part - I passed one of the very fit, slim athletic chicks who was very proud of her body (i.e. she was dressed in a jogging bra and boy shorts). Usually I am not that competitive, but passing her made me feel good!!

Back to the transition area and out for the second run. I slowed down considerably and, of course, get passed by Little Miss Boy Shorts. Oh well, maybe one of these years!

I finished the race, met back up with Sarah and we made it over to the refreshment area. I specifically waited around because there was this one guy on the course I wanted to see cross the finish line. It was no one I knew personally, he was just going to be the last person to cross and I felt he deserved to have a couple people cheer him in while most everyone else was either leaving or at the awards ceremony. It takes a lot to be the last one. But you know what, he finished. He didn't say "the heck with it" or "what is the point?" He stuck with it. He said "good job" to me as I was getting ready to cross the finish line and he was just starting out on the second run. He may not have had the physique or expensive bike like the other athletes out there that day. But he sure did have the spirit.

7 comments: said...

Way to go, Jill! I would have been there, but as you might have read in my blog - my wife's grandmother passed away on that Friday AM and I was able to make it to Tennessee for the funeral.

Anonymous said...

I'm a very, VERY proud M:O)M!

Mojo said...

Way to go! What type of triathlon was it? A run-bike-run? I didn't read anything about the swim.

You are a good person to stay and cheer on the guy that came in last. I'm sure you made his day!

Keith said...

Great job, Jill.

I'm still too chicken to try anything other than running. Maybe I should try it, then I could train more. I don't think I could handle more running.

Vic said...

WTG, Jill! Very, very cool that your hung out for that last runner. I can definitely relate to being last. People like you are pretty cool to come out and cheer us slugs across the finish. So, on behalf of all the crawlers out there, we thank you. :)

Christine said...

THERE you are Jilly Bean! =)

Anonymous said...
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