Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Just plain tired

I have veered from my planned sleeping schedule and it is catching up with me! I want to be in bed no later than 10 pm so I can wake up fairly easily by 5 am. This way I can make it to Saturday practice with out problems and the added benefit is being able to do some training before work. Tonight – early to bed!

This past Saturday I met up with the TNT crew out at the park and we put in 10 miles. It wiped me out! I was so tired after (and during) it was pathetic! This Saturday it is back down to 8, so that will be nice! After the run several of us met up at Biba’s for some breakfast. I had planned on going home to take a shower and then go out shopping for new shoes and running bras. But, alas, I fell asleep instead! See, this is why I need to go to bed earlier!

Sunday morning I met up with some folks at my LBS and ended up doing 38 miles. I sure could tell I was tired, though. My legs just didn’t want to go 20+ mph. They were more in the mood for 16 – 18 mph. I eventually gave in and fell back with a less experienced rider. It turned out I made a good decision because as the group disappeared we heard a very strange noise and pulled over. The bolt holding the rear brakes to the other rider’s frame had come off!! She has only had the bike for a month! Crazy!

I attached the brakes to the saddle bag and advised the girl to take it easy on the front brakes so she wouldn’t go flying over the handle bars while trying to make a stop. I would have ridden her bike but she had different pedals and our shoe sizes weren’t very close. We took off and eventually one of the other riders came back looking for us. We made it back to the store without incidence and I rode back home.

As soon as I closed the door to my apartment I stripped and jumped into a cold shower – it was so HOT outside!! I then made some breakfast and waited for 12:00 so I could go shopping. But, guess what?!! I fell asleep! SHOCK!

Yesterday I had a meeting to attend. No shopping.

Tonight is track practice with TNT. No shopping.

Maybe tomorrow?! We’ll see.


Vic said...

You need to get to those shops, girl. Everything is going to be sold.

Mojo said...

You've really got jog bras and shoes on the brain, huh? Do some on-line shopping! I don't need a jog bra.. I am a memeber of the itty bitty titty club. :(

Sounds like you got some good work-outs done. If you are feeling tired, rest! We don't want you to get sick!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are "plain tired". I've been there too, and I know its hard. But I want to give you a piece of advice……….Try Michelins.
Michelins are what's known as a 'fancy tire' so if you have them I guess you are fancy tired rather than plain tired. I've bought several sets and really like them.
Now I know what your going to say, and I can just hear you now (!)…………….
But Michelins are FRENCH, and the French suck. Now that is true, and not just at soccer and war, but in a broad general sense as well. Maybe even on a country-wide basis. But still, they do make fancy tires and you will no longer be plain tired.
There is some consolation though, beyond just having fancy tires. Michelins are sold through Sam's Club, and as we all have heard, Walmart kick's the crap out of its suppliers and beats them down on price (kind of like Italy).
Sooo……..in the end, its ok. You get fancy tires and Sam Walton gets to kick the crap out of France. Its called a win-win in business circles.