Thursday, July 06, 2006


What gives with airport security? They are not consistent at all. I fly out of IAH or Hobby with my pocket knife hanging on my keychain - it passes inspection. I fly out of Tulsa – it doesn’t. WTF!! The knife blade is maybe 1-3/4 inches long. But according to the TSA website I can carry-on 10 inch metal knitting needles and 4 inch metal scissors with pointed tips!! But there is no way that Tulsa is going to let me through security with my 1-3/4 inch pocket knife because that is dangerous!!

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A co-worker and I who went through Tulsa at different times for months post-9/11 have declared that as the worst and slowest airport for TSA. (Philadelphia comes close for slowest.)

My favorite story though is after I went through security and got wanded. The screener told me to hold out my arms as if I were an airplane. I asked him, "What would you have me do if we were at the bus station?"

I had him there. We both had a good laugh.


Mojo said...

I wear bangle bracelets that are really hard to get off. Everytime I fly, they make me remove them. If I can't get them off, they frisk me.

Did they take your knife away for good?That would suck!

Anonymous said...

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