Friday, September 08, 2006


They do not have any details about 2007 up yet, but I am hoping it is still happening. There was a big brouhaha over it back in March.

If history repeats itself it will be on April 1st.

Who is with me?!! I am talking about the Half-Iron, in case you are wondering!


bunnygirl said...

I was very interested in this the first year they held it, but I'm glad things didn't work out that I could do it. It was very poorly managed.

Be sure it's a new race director before signing up!

Barbara said...

Is that the one that was cancelled basically without telling anyone? One of the women I run with during the spring was training for a triathlon, and found out quite by accident (omission of info, rather than being told) that it was cancelled.

Sarah said...

Jill, if you're serious, I'm IN.