Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The joy of sweat

Yesterday was a rather pretty day here in Richland. I went running down by the mighty Columbia and the water was like glass in some areas. Hardly a ripple except for the boats trolling the waters - most likely for salmon. The air was cool and dry, such a difference from Houston.

While dressing for my run I decided to put on a pair of shorts that are not as tight as my lycra ones, but I figured all would be okay. I have worn them plenty of times before with my amphipod clipped to the waistband at the small of my back.

I left the house and walked the couple blocks to the park entrance and proceeded to start my morning run. The first thing I notice is my shirt is sticking to my skin due to static. The joy of dry air! The next thing I notice, my shorts keep slipping down. I hike them back up. They slip back down. I do it again. And they do it again. And the problem is even amplified because of the amphipod.

I take the amphipod off and stuff it in my bra. That was a pretty sight, I am sure!! The shorts still keep slipping and I keep pulling them back up.

I am getting to the point where I am just going to say the heck with it and go back to the house, but then something magical happens - I start to perspire!! And eventually I build up enough of a sweaty sheen that my shorts stop slipping down and the static goes away! I don't think I have ever been that thankful for sweat!!

Now that the static and slipping have ceased to be a problem I can now enjoy the run. And what a glorious experience it was compared to running in Houston heat! My weekend long run (14 miles) is going to be great!

I ended up doing 6.5 miles yesterday.

And today I ended up going a little over 5.5 miles.

I started along the river and then decided to take a detour over to one of my cousin's for a quick visit with him, his wife to be, their little boy, my aunt and my mom. It was a nice afternoon and a great run.

Tonight it is off to the paternal grandparents for some socializing and dinner.


Bolder said...

i'm going to have to do a post, 'The joy of dry!' and, i'll point to your post.

after months of 5% humidity, august came and the monsoonal flow... i would do Stroke & Strides and run fast 5Ks with no socks after JUST exiting the water.

then, one day, i went for a run sockless, and got a huge blister -- i had to stop and think what happened, then it came to me, it's the 78% humidity!

The joy of dry!!

Vic said...

I don't know why but your post reminds me of the little Coppertone girl. :)

Jill said...

Bolder - now I know why I like to wear double layer socks when running in Houston!

Vic - LOL!! Thanks!

Courtney said...

It's great to find the silver lining.

TX Runner Girl said...

I'm glad to know that being sweaty is good for something!

jamoosh said...

Can you feel the jealousy bearing down on you. Cool temps and running by a river... Have some salmon for me.