Wednesday, October 25, 2006


The weather was COLD!! Not that I really minded. I am just thankful it wasn't raining or snowing. But one thing is for sure - I have become too acclimated to Houston heat!

The crowds and volunteers were fantastic! There were people everywhere, cheering everyone on and making sure we got to the finish line.

I saw my Mom and Tom at miles 10, 20 and 26. Very welcome faces to see out there on the course. Thank you so much for being there and supporting me. Also, my mom took tons of pics that I am very thankful for!!

I saw my friend, Brenna (we trained for our first marathon and triathlon together) around miles 3 and 13. We chatted a couple minutes, had our picture taken together and then I was back on the road. She is great.

I saw Houston TNT Coach Dan at miles 2.5 and 25. He was so encouraging and I am so thankful he was there to cheer us all on - TNT alumni and participants alike.

One surprise was seeing/meeting Running Jayhawk around mile 18. I had just finished taking a tinkle break in the port-a-potty and when I started running again I saw this purple singlet with "Running Jayhawk" spelled out on the back. I, of course, had to catch her and tell her that I have read her blog. Too funny!! BTW - congratulations on a great finish - even with all the anxiety.

And finally to what you really wanted to know - I finished. That was my ultimate goal. I would have really liked to have finished under 6 hours, but it did not happen. Final time was 6:13:41. One of these days I might finish under 5:30. That would be nice!! But I need to stop getting caught up in the excitement of the whole event and stick with my plan. Which does not include running for 10 miles with only a couple rest breaks (talking with friends, potty break and water stops). I didn't train that way so why in the heck do I race that way?!! You would think I would have learned my lesson after my first marathon, but NOOOOOO!!

Oh well, another couple weeks of training should help me (hopefully) keep up with Christine when we do the Route 66 Marathon on November 19.

That is it for now. I will have some more pictures and details in the coming days. But for now I will leave you with this.

Me - the day after!


bunnygirl said...

Congrats on finishing that cooooold marathon! (Cold by our standards, of course.)

And congrats to me, for finally getting though to blogger so I can congratulate YOU!

Waiting for the full report!

ALCAZA said...

Yeah! Fantastic job. I think we will be pretty close together in Tulsa that's for sure! (3 babies takes it toll on you...ha!)

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

jill- congrats on finishing in the cold!!!

how cool that you met Running Jayhawk!! Running Bloggers rule!

TX Runner Girl said...

CONGRATS!!! It was mighty cold, but you got the job done. I was just happy there was no rain. :-) Can't wait to hear more and see more of your pics.

Running Jayhawk said...

fancy meeting you out on the course!! :)

Great way to just get it done. I *know* you've got a sub-6 in you...and definitely a sub-5:30 (we have the same goals...we should totally pace together one day).

But in the meantime, I say we blame mother nature for at least 13minutes and 42seconds of a lag. ;) I mean...drizzly drops, strong headwinds, crummy clouds, frosty temps...THAT'S where the problem was!

walchka said...

Congrats on finishing Chicago. It was a cold day, but you finished and that's super sweet. Nice job!