Friday, January 19, 2007

Whine and Wine

I will admit - I have done absolutely NOTHING this week. And I feel so yucky and sluggish because of it!

Monday I woke up sore. It wasn't really that bad - mainly the quads and soles of my feet, but I was still able to walk normally and such. At first my Achilles tendon was very tight on my left foot, but I stretched and it went away.

Then on Tuesday morning the outside part of my left foot was majorly sore. The only thing I can think is that the pounding from Sunday finally caught up with me. The rest of my body was fine but that foot was causing some major limping.

Since then I have been icing the foot and popping Advil and things are much better. I even went for a short walk during lunch. Still not ready to go for a run or be on it for an extended amount of time, but at least things are getting better. I need to get back in the swim of things anyway!

On another note, while eating lunch in one of the cafeterias here at MD Anderson a lady came around pretty much begging for us to donate blood. Since the marathon was over and I have nothing major coming up in the near future I headed over and gave them a unit. Afterwards, they always tell you the things to avoid doing during the next 24 hours. I listened with half an ear, but it didn't really stick.

That night at home I thought a glass of wine might be nice after dinner – so I had one. Then another. Half way through the second glass I start feeling REALLY GOOD!! And for the life of me I couldn't figure out why!! Then the light went off!! Maybe next time I will listen a tad more carefully when they tell me I shouldn't have any alcohol for at least 24 hours after donating blood!


bunnygirl said...

More buzz on less wine. . . sounds like a cost savings to me. What's not to like? ;-)

Courtney said...

That is too funny! Guess we are never too old to learn new lessons!

What triathlons are you doing this year? Dh is doing the White Lake half, the Coer d' Alene Iron Man, and the Duke Half. I think he is doing a few other small ones... but these will all be the first with 3 of us cheering instead of just me!

Barbara said...

I really need to get over to the blood center near my house. I keep hearing how they're in dire need.

I didn't realize you worked at MD Anderson; I have several friends who work there.

Too funny about the wine!

TX Runner Girl said...

I have to agree with Courtney! I should have tried that in college. :-)