Sunday, August 19, 2007

Final Results

Not sure what happened, but they added 2 minutes to my swim time (along with most everyone else):

Swim = 8:32.7
T1 = 3:25.6
Bike = 37:28.6 17.6 mph
T2 = 1:52.1
Run = 41:07.0 13:42/M
Final = 1:32:26.2


bunnygirl said...

Maybe the course was mis-marked and they adjusted everyone's time accordingly? Or maybe the clock was wrong? Hm...

Congrats, no matter what your time was!

Courtney said...

Could you all have gotten some kind of penalty?

txrunnergirl said...

That's odd about the time. Hmmm...
To answer your question, I'm training for the Tour de Pink. It'll be my 1st bike ride and I am so hooked! The goal is a tri, but I have to get the swimming thing down 1st!