Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Traveling and TNT

I am getting a little tired of going out to eat. Not that the food isn't good, it is just that it is usually too good...and when food is too good it is usually full of fat and calories. Last week I was in San Antonio and I walked around the River Walk several times trying to find restaurants that were not too expensive but which had healthy selections. It wasn't easy, but I finally found a place that might become a regular when I have to go down there for work - and that place is Zuni's. I had their salmon dish and it was totally delish!!

Traveling also sucks when it comes to exercising. That treadmill is going to get awfully boring. I will have to start looking for good routes that are around my hotel. Eventually I will get things figured out.

Saturday was the kick-off for the winter TNT season. We are training for Houston and the Phoenix Rock-n-Roll marathon. Yesterday was the first track practice. We did butt kicks and skipping and then some speed drills. It was a learning experience, but I think I did okay.

This coming Saturday will be our first official practice and it will consist of doing the loop at Memorial Park. I remember the first time I ran the loop - it was over whelming. It was so crowded, I was unsure about the layout and totally unsure of my capabilities of making it around. Well - I made it around, I learned the layout and I learned how to deal with the crowds. And now I am helping people through the same experience. Kind of amazing, don't you think?!


Tiggs said...

Hey- I saw Erin and the TNTers at the track last night (tuesday). Hope to see you around the loop soon!

Erin said...

Where are y'all doing your Tuesday practices? I didn't see you at the park. Hope to see you soon. We're in double digit miles now so I'm starting SUPER early. I'm sure eventually we'll "run" into each other.

txrunnergirl said...

Thanks for the SA eating tip...we'll be there this weekend. Yep, I remember when it seemed like such an accomplishment to finish the loop. :-) Fun!