Saturday, July 21, 2007


I did my first brick workout in I do not know how long on Tuesday. It wasn't a big one - just 11 miles on the bike and then one mile on the feet - but it was still a little tough. I sure need to work a bit more on them.

I volunteered to go to a couple info meetings for TNT on Saturday. The only problem, they are at Central Market and I LOVE Central Market. I will try and be a good girl and bypass the bread tasting station with the WONDERFUL tasting butter and will just do my taste testing in the produce section!! Wonder how big my grocery bill will come out to be?

Which brings me to the diet. Today I wasn't the best - we ended up at a taqueria for lunch and I ordered a chicken quesadilla and a nopalitos gordita. It wasn't a whole lot of food but it was high in the fat content. Oh well, I made up for it at dinner and ate very low calorie and very low fat. I will be able to tell if I really screwed things up in a couple days when I step on the scale. Other than that I have done pretty good and lost between 7 and 8 pounds in two weeks. But you have to remember - you always seem to lose a bunch of weight the first week and then things start to slow down.

My ultimate goal is 140 by 40 - which is next May. According to the variety of Ideal Body Weight calculators I should weigh around 135 pounds for my height and frame. If I get to 140 I will be very happy!!

I have always had a problem with weighing a tad too much compared to what was expected by society, but things really got out of hand starting about 10 years ago. Well, after going to many doctors and not getting any good explanation I ended up in the office of an endocrinologist. She ordered a full lab workup of all sorts of hormones (blood and urine) along with an MRI of the pituitary, a CAT scan of my pelvis and finally another lab test that evaluated my adrenal function over a couple hours.

Final result - Pituitary Adenoma and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

It was kind of a relief to find this out - it helped explain a lot. It is amazing what can happen to your moods, cravings and all sorts of other things when your hormones are so screwed up. I remember one thing in particular prior to learning of my diagnosis - my cravings for meat and high fat foods. I was virtually uncontrollable. I tried and tried to eat good stuff but I was always wanting meat. And the months prior to my diagnosis my favorite food was McD's double quarter pounder with cheese and a side of fries. By this time I had reached an all time high of 234 pounds. I was pretty disgusted with myself.

I received my diagnosis back in Sept 2001 and since that time I have lost some of those pounds, gained some back, lost some again and then gained some back again. I am on the losing side of the roller coaster again and this time I hope to never go up again.


bunnygirl said...

I just LOVE Central Market! Dan teases me that I only go there for the samples. As if! ;-)

Erin said...

I can go to Central Market & eat lunch without spending a dime. LOVE it!

Good job on the weight loss. You can do it! I know how hard it can be to stick to a diet. I've been extra determined these days. Maybe we can help each other out. In the end we'll be 2 sexy, svelte ladies. :)

Christine said...

Awwww, I KNOW you can do it! (You sound more positive about it than I have heard you in a long time!!!) And funny, I wanted to be 140 by 30... =)

WTH is a brick work out?

Teni said...

Pretty nice brick work out you got there. It is more than friends could do! I know you can managed with your weightloss program. Just think how good you will feel to be a winner!

Courtney said...

Way to go!!! Congrats on the Brick! Just take it one day at a time... You can DO IT!!!!!

txrunnergirl said...

I love Central Market too! I know you will meet you weight loss Courtney said, one day at a time.