Monday, October 08, 2007

What is happening?

In the past few months a couple of the blogs that I regularly checked in on are now by invitation only. What is happening that makes bloggers go from public to private?


Tiggs said...

If it's Christy- TXRunnerGirl, you just need to email her to get on er list. She had to take it private b/c someone jerk at her office printed out a post and passed it around the office. SHe sent out invites to the few people she had email addresses for and asked us to spread the word b/c she knew there were readers that she didn't have contact info for.
Send her a read request.

TX Runner Girl said...

Hey there! If you want to read mine, just shoot me an e-mail - I didn't have everyone's e-mail and certainly don't want to exclude you Jill!