Saturday, May 17, 2008

Still mending

I thought my shoulder would have been all better by now, but it isn't. I have to keep telling myself that my scabs haven't completely healed yet either, so how can I expect my shoulder to be! My hip has no visible signs of being damaged, but if I rub on it - it is a little tender. I really hit the ground hard!!

People keep asking me if I have gotten back on my bike and the answer is no. I have not regained full use of my arm yet but probably could go for a bike ride. Maybe after a couple more weeks of healing and anti-inflammatories I will give it a try, but I do not want to push it.

I am in Baton Rouge this week for work. Lucky me!! I am assisting with the validation of an oxygen cylinder filling system. Things did not start out that great, but are getting better. This afternoon I had the wonderful duty of analyzing 120 cylinders for O2 content which involved a lot of lifting and turning of knobs. My shoulder sure can tell I did it. It is just a little more tender than usual. Can't forget the drugs tonight.

My job duties have really seemed to change these past couple months - and it has been for the better. I get bored rather quickly if I am not mentally stimulated. That was starting to be the case, but with my new duties things are looking up. I am just lucky that my boss realizes this about me. It cracks me up how well she knows me sometimes!

As for training - it has been non-existent. But that will have to change soon! I have a couple friends who are training for their first half-marathon and want me to join in on some of their runs. Well - I can't have them show me up or anything so I better get on the ball!! Too much going on this week and weekend - so the new training season for me will start next week! Maybe I will start posting more!

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Happy Birthday, Jilly Bean!