Saturday, June 21, 2008

Getting healthy

For the past couple weeks I have been trying to eat a lot healthier by eating more fruits and vegetables and eating less sugar and just eating less. And I have noticed a difference. A few pounds have dropped off and my energy level has increased.

I am also trying to rid my cupboards and freezer of all the food that has accumulated but gone uneaten for months and months. And because I do not let junk food sit around for a week let alone a couple months, I am able to stick to this eating healthier goal!!

My one vice - popcorn. And not the microwave stuff. I am talking about the old fashioned kind you cook on the stove in oil. I love the stuff. I pop up a huge bowl full, liberally sprinkle with salt and enjoy every last popped kernel. YUM!!


bunnygirl said...

I used to eat a lot of hot air popped popcorn. It's hard to find hot air poppers now, though. Everyone buys the microwave popcorn. I remember my mom using a stovetop oil popcorn popper when I was a kid. Is that what you use?

Good for you on the dietary changes! I try to think of it as getting the most bang for my calorie buck. Every calorie should either be chock-full of nutrition, or superlatively delicious (in a master chef, five-star restaurant kind of way). We don't buy junk for our homes, so we shouldn't buy junk for our bodies.

Once your body readjusts to eating more natural foods, you'll find you can't go back. Junk food will taste bad and upset your stomach. Scary when you think about it, that we grow up training our bodies to think the stuff that's bad for you is normal. The time and patience one needs to change to healthy eating really pays off, though!

Tiggs said...

seriously- wow. I hate popcorn!!! I love big soft pretzels!! a carb watchers nightmare!

everytime I eat something, I ask myself "will this help me reach my goal?" if the answer is no, I put it back.