Sunday, August 17, 2008

Shopping fix

I am not real big on shopping, but like my bonus-mom said - sometimes the stars and planets align and all is just perfect in the universe. That was the way it was for me this weekend. Plus, I needed some new things because some of my favorite shoes and clothes are getting pretty ragged looking!

After work on Friday I made a bee-line for Dillard's for a pair of shoes I had seen there a week ago. I then saw another pair that were on sale that I liked. Actually, there was another pair I liked, too, but I resisted!! And when I looked at my receipt I found out it was tax free weekend. SCORE!! I know, I am a little sheltered sometimes!

I then went to look for a pair of pedal pushers. Found a pair that fit right, but the color wasn't quite right. So, I moved on to shorts and found a pair for 12 bucks. Another score!

Saturday, I ventured out to buy a friend a birthday gift at Bath and Body Works. Guess what - everything was 10% off, plus some of the items I wanted were on sale! Yeah!

Next stop - Gap - since it was just across the street. Found a skirt that was just right. I wish they had it in khaki, too, then I would have bought two. It was not on sale, but it was at least tax free.

That night as I was finally checking e-mail after a couple days there was a note from Fleet Feet. All clothing 20% to 50% off. That was okay, but then they said if you decided to buy a pair of shoes that were between $100 and $140 they would drop the price down to $99.99 so the shoes would then be tax free, but only if you bought two articles of clothing. Since the shoes I run in are always over $120 I figured I would give it a shot.

My running shoe size is 10-1/2 wide and I can not always find it in stock, so when they came out with the right style (Asics Gel Nimbus) and the right size I took the shoes and headed over to the running tops. I really didn't expect to find anything in the women's area, I usually have to buy men's, but I always look. But they had some stuff for the larger ladies. I tried a couple on - and guess what? They were too big! Yeah!! So I went down a size. The short sleeve fit fine, the tank was a little tight around the middle, but I could live with it. Especially in this heat! So I ended up with a new pair of shoes and two new tops. All three needed - especially since I have been wearing the same couple tops for the past several weeks (they have been washed!).

I would say I had a pretty successful weekend!


bunnygirl said...

That's such a nice feeling when you get new things and a bargain, too!

Courtney said...

2 points for successful shopping!!! I too hate shopping, but love when things work out like this! Yay!!!