Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Trying to be positive

A plateau - I think that is what I have hit in the weight loss scheme of things. Since beginning the "get healthy" program I have been losing an average of about two pounds a week. Then it just stopped. I am one of those bad people who weighs myself almost every day. I know I shouldn't do it, but I just can't help it. And this causes psychological problems because one day I will have lost two pounds, the next I gained it all back and then some, then for several days it will stay the same and then the scale will tease me again.


So - during the past two weeks I have only lost one pound. I figured the scale must be telling the truth because it flashed the same weight two days in a row. It is better than nothing. I just have to remember that am still doing good things - I am getting healthier. And I have to keep on track and not give in to the call of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia.

On another note, I have noticed a marked improvement in my running. I am not nearly as dead feeling after a workout as when I first started and I am doing more mileage during my weekly timed runs. I must be doing something right!

Today was my third physical therapy visit. I did some stretching, then the therapist did some stretching for me. Holy Crap!! It felt like he was going to break my shoulder! He would push down, then push some more, and then push some more!! All I gotta say is that the scar tissue around my shoulder joint does not want to break up.

Once he was done torturing me, it was time for a little strength training with the band. I am so weak. But I have to be patient and keep up with the home stretching. Just like the running, it can only get better.


bunnygirl said...

Well, at least you feel like your running is improving. Plateaus can be kind of bumpy-- some good stuff, some not so good. But it sounds like you're on the right track overall.

Viv said...

Plateaus are tough. I am in one but I know it is mostly my fault so I don't think it qualifies for the plateau label :-(

Keep up with the streching, maybe I should as well.