Saturday, August 09, 2008

Let the games begin!

Did you see those opening ceremonies? Talk about beautiful! I had initially not planned on watching, but sure am glad I did last night. The precision, the color, the beauty and the shear enormity was amazing. It even brought a couple tears to my eyes :)

Olympic Cauldron

I am so glad that the US did not ban these games. I remember when they banned the Olympic games in Moscow back in 1980. I traveled to Russia (when it was part of the USSR) after the games were held and remember seeing all the Olympic paraphernalia for sale and still on display. I especially remember our hotel bath mats having the Olympic rings and mascot designed on them (that mat came home with us!). I always thought how sad it must have been for the Russian people to have been anticipating and preparing for these games for years and then a huge percentage of the teams and tourists did not come. It has always made me sad to think about that.

Misha - Moscow Olympic mascot

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