Monday, September 22, 2008

Hermann Park Golf Course

Tonight, I finally ventured over to the golf course for a run. I hadn't been over there since last Friday and wasn't sure what to expect. By the looks of the huge piles of cut up trees and branches lining the parking lot there must have been a lot of downed trees. There are two large trees still blocking the trails, but overall I think they have done a real good job in cleaning things up. And from what I can see, there are not many more trees to clear up on the golf course. I am sure they are working as fast as they can so they can open back up.

There were quite a few people out for a walk, jog or run - more than I normally see. Wonder if they were just tired of being cooped up, or were getting ready for the Houston Marathon.

There is still a street light not working along Almeda. Police officers were directing traffic when I was on my way over to the course, but they had left by the time I was headed back home. I crossed the street quickly and made sure that the cars were stopped. I made it safely and as I was continuing on my way I heard someone screaming and then I heard screeching brakes. Someone wasn't paying attention, but their passenger sure was! The car stopped without crashing into anyone, but it was close. I wonder how many times other people in the same situation around the city have not stopped in time this past week. It will be nice when all the power is back and all the street lights are fixed.

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