Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Testing has begun

The lab order for my glucose tolerance test never came in the mail, but they did send it to the lab - so that is where I am sitting. Would have come sooner, but due to Ike the clinic was closed last week and they didn't re-open to the public until yesterday.

Stick number one has occurred, I drank the drink and am now patiently waiting to go get stick number two taken care of which is 30 minutes after drinking the drink. Stick three is 30 minutes after that, and then one hour later I get stuck the fourth and final time.

Before I moved to Texas I used to be a medical technologist, so I know the drill and can now sympathize a little bit more with all the patients I had to do this to!

When the doctors office opens I will head over there and set up an appointment with the doc, but I am hoping they will tell me the results prior to that. Because if they are normal, there is no need for me to come in.

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